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Metallica LLC is a leader in the market of the loading ramps and platforms production and supply in Russia and CIS countries. Our main business is the production of the dock ramps (movable loading platforms). We are the only company for which the production of the yard ramps is the priority area of business. We don’t try to involve as many market’s segments as possible but we are concentrated on portable loading docks productions. It allows us to do our job better than anybody else.

We are specialized in production of forklift  ramps (portable platforms). The specialists of our company have carefully studied the market of mobile ramps production and supply. The design of various ramps and the requirements and needs of the clients have been studied carefully. Based on the data received, we have developed and improved some universal ramps designs to the maximum.

Our loading ramps differ from the others by high quality, higher level of safety and a set of additional elements introduced for you.

Based on the foresaid we can declare with certainty:

We have the better price/quality ratio!


- guaranteed high European quality

- our prices are lower than the prices of our business competitors

- always in stock

- 1 years guarantee

- all products are certified (ISO 9001, 14001, 18001)

- removable safety barriers – for free for any yard ramp model.


Our company took part in the 16th International construction exhibition BalticBuild from 12 to 14 of September, 2012. The mobile platform of МР-В model was exhibited there (you can see this model on our website in the section “Loading ramps”). The participants and guests of the exhibition took a chance to see the dock ramps produced by Metallica LLC, evaluate its design quality and find out more about the advantages of using the movable loading platforms in warehouses and terminals.

Our company was awarded with the certificate “Innovations in construction 2012” for not standard mobile ramp with 30 tons capacity designed especially for heavy construction machines.

The company policy is aimed to find an individual approach to any client. We will be happy to consult you on any question and will select a ramp for you.

Metallica LLC is actively developing its dealer network. 

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