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Sometimes it is necessary to modify the design of the typical platform to solve a logistics issues complicated by an unusual nature of the cargo, machine overweight, high daily rate or even weather conditions. We often decide the issue by changing the flooring in some cases, in other cases we design brand new platform, for example, with higher lifting capacity up to 60 tons.  No matter how far we are from our typical production standards for mobile ramps, our designers consider all nuances of the operation conditions and try to offer the suitable platform to a client. Based on our long experience we have noticed that the following characteristics are modified more often: lifting capacity (increase to 10t, 15t, 20t, 60t), type of the upper flooring (expanded steel sheet, welded grating 30x3 or 30x5, offset bulb flat steel), dimensions (length, width and the proportion of the horizontal and incline areas). Our specialists can modify the platform configuration: number of unloading sides and ramp doors, drive type (mechanical, manual, hydraulic, hydroelectric) etc. You should also remember of the designation of the mobile ramps and platforms. The most common issues that may be solved by the use of the platforms are: loading/unloading of trucks (eighteen-wheelers, containers etc.), leveling of low sides vehicles (Gazel. Valday, Ford Transit etc.) to the level of the fixed ramp, vehicles loading/unloading to specialized rack cars or unloading of large size road-building machines. 


Our experienced designers are ready to design a customized mobile ramp  for you. You can modify the platform dimensions (length of the incline and horizontal parts, width of the platform and its drive area) and increase its lifting capacity. The machine used and the nature of cargo are considered during platform design and manufacturer. As soon as the customized design is approved, the mobile ramp will be ready for delivery in a short time!

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