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If you have any problems with the loading, we will find the solution! We have developed special transfer complexes for complicated logistics problems. As a rule, the handling complexes consist of one or several tables and inclined ramp for a loader. The unloading systems may represent a one-piece construction or consist of several separate units. The incline part is supplied in two modifications: movable platform completed with transportation wheels and jacks and fixed ramp with telescopic supports to adjust the height by loader. The transfer tables also may be regulated for necessary height with the help of mechanical jack system or a loader thanks to bracing jacks.

The dimensions and the number of the loading tables are chosen individually depending on the specific target. If you plan to unload railway cars, then it is better to make a ramp door a little bit wider for the ease of the loader drive. The problem of a limited space is easily sold with angle modification of the table. During the design of the transfer systems it is very important to design tables and inclined ramp in a way that the loader may easily maneuver on them with cargo or without it. The type of the cover is chosen depending on the rate and the number of unloading sides. The right cover in certain conditions may minimize the damage of a loader’s wheels during operation. The climatic factor and the storage conditions of the loading/unloading complex are also taken into account.

Our transfer systems are successfully installed and operate in many warehouses, plants and custom and logistics terminals. The attention to all details and need of a client awards us with a leading role on the market and the readiness to solve a complex problem allows us to develop the process and introduce new rational decisions.

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